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About this course

This course is intended as an introduction to both computer networking and operating systems for computer scientists. Students will get a comprehensive overview of the key protocols and the general architecture of the Internet, as one example of more general principles in network design, and acquire hands-on experience in programming different aspects of a computer network. In addition, the course provides a full introduction to modern operating system design, including memory management, scheduling, I/O, protection, and so on. The architecture of Unix-like operating systems (such as Linux) is used as an example of more general principles in OS design.

Basic Course Information

  • Course Number: 252-0062-00L, 8 Credits
  • Spring 2017, Lectures:
    Mon (13-15): HG G 3
    Fri (10-12): HG E 7
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  • Exercise sessions:
    Tue (15-18): HG D 1.2
    Thu (15-18): ML F 40, ML H 41.1
    Fri (13-16): CHN D 48

Tentative schedule of lectures:

Week Thursday Friday
Operating Systems
1 20.02.: OS Introduction (slides_1pp) (slides_6pp) 24.02.: Processes (slides_1pp) (slides_6pp)
2 27.02.: Scheduling (slides_1pp) (slides_6pp) 03.03.: Scheduling and Synchronization (slides_1pp) (slides_6pp)
3 06.03.: Memory Management (slides_1pp) (slides_6pp) 10.03.: Demand Paging (slides_1pp) (slides_6pp)
4 13.03.: Filesystem Abstractions (slides_1pp) (slides_6pp) 17.03.: Filesystem Implementation (slides_1pp) (slides_6pp)
5 20.03.: I/O Subsystems (slides_1pp) (slides_6pp) 24.03.: I/O Subsystems (2) (slides_1pp) (slides_6pp)


Ass. Out Description Solutions
Operating Systems
Assignments are published on the Moodle course page


OS Networking

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