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This seminar introduces students to fundamental results in parallel programming and design. Students will study and present research papers that span topics in both theory and practice, ranging from foundations of parallel computing to applications. The focus will be on fundamental lower and upper bounds, thus, many papers will be dated. Students need a solid mathematical background.

Educational Objective

At the end of the course, the students should be familiar with a broad range of key research results in the area of parallel computing, know how to read and assess papers in the area, and be able to highlight practical examples/applications, limitations of existing work, and outline potential improvements.


A selection of research papers with a focus on foundations of parallel computing/programming.

Presentation details

Talk assignments

Date Paper Student Assistent
10.03.15 - 1:0027Severin MüngerTobias Gysi
10.03.15 - 2:0030Seraiah WalterMaciej Besta
17.03.15 - 1:0012Benjamin FischerSalvatore Di Girolamo
17.03.15 - 2:001Otto BibartiuTimo Schneider
24.03.15 - 1:0022Fabian MeierTobias Grosser
24.03.15 - 2:0021Nadja MüllerArnamoy Bhattacharyya
31.03.15 - 1:0015Cedric BaumannTobias Gysi
31.03.15 - 2:0016Fredrik RothenbergTobias Grosser
28.04.15 - 1:0018Stefan MüllerEdgar Solominik
28.04.15 - 2:007Lukas BurkhalterEdgar Solominik
05.05.15 - 1:0017Theodoros TheodoridisArnamoy Bhattacharyya
05.05.15 - 2:0019Tijana ZivicMaciej Besta
12.05.15 - 1:0028Cyril SteimerSalvatore Di Girolamo
12.05.15 - 2:0020Florian HahnTimo Schneider
19.05.15 - 1:0008Benjamin WeberEdgar Solominik

We invite the speakers to approach the reseach assistent assigned in case of questions on the paper, the presentation or any other questions where help is requireed. Contact details can be found at:


Each student is invited to choose one publication to prepare and present.

Number Title/Author URL
Communication (I/O) complexity
1 H. Jia-Wei and H. T. Kung. "I/O Complexity: The Red-Blue Pebble Game." Proc. 13th Ann. ACM Symp on Theory of Computing, May 11-13, (1981), 326-333 ACM
2 Grey Ballard, James Demmel, Olga Holtz, and Oded Schwartz. "Graph expansion and communication costs of fast matrix multiplication." J. ACM 59, 6, Article 32 (December 2012), 23 pages. ACM
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7 Alexander Tiskin. "Communication-efficient parallel generic pairwise elimination." Future Generation Computer Systems 23.2 (2007): 179-188. Science Direct
Parallel algorithms, models, and bounds
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Scheduling and work stealing
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Parallel Graph algorithms
19 U. Meyer and P. Sanders. "Δ-stepping: a parallelizable shortest path algorithm." J. Algorithms 49, 1 (October 2003) Science Direct
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Networks, communication, and routing
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ISCA '90 Proceedings of the 17th annual international symposium on Computer Architecture, Pages 15-26