SPCL Members

Head of the Lab

Torsten Hoefler (Professor)
Ph.D., Indiana University, 2008
Contact: htor at inf.ethz.ch / Office: CAB F 75


Torsten is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at ETH Zürich, Switzerland. Before joining ETH, he lead the performance modeling and simulation efforts of parallel petascale applications for the NSF-funded Blue Waters project. He is also a key member of the Message Passing Interface (MPI) Forum where he chairs the "Collective Operations and Topologies" working group. Torsten received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Indiana University. He won the best paper award at the ACM/IEEE Supercomputing Conference 2010 (SC10), published over 40 peer-reviewed scientific conference and journal articles and authored chapters of the MPI-2.2 and MPI-3.0 standards. Torsten received the SIAM SIAG/Supercomputing Junior Scientist Prize in 2012. His research interests revolve around the central topic of "Performance-centric Software Development" and deal with scalable networks, parallel programming techniques, and performance modeling.


Tobias Grosser (SNSF Ambizione)
Ph.D., ENS/INRIA/Université Pierre et Marie Curie, September 2014
Contact: tgrosser at inf.ethz.ch / Office: CAB E 64.2


Tobias is a postdoctoral researcher interested in program optimization for parallel architectures. He received his Diploma from the University of Passau (Germany), where he started his work on automatic program transformations using polyhedral modeling. Working in a ENS/INRIA research lab (France) he received his PhD from Université Pierre et Marie Curie for work on the efficient execution of stencil computations and the development of new integer set based code generation abstractions.

For his PhD Tobias has been awarded a prestigious 3-year Google European Doctoral Fellowship. He has been interning at ARM, AMD and Google and spent six month as a research scholar at Ohio State University. As an active contributer to LLVM and gcc, he leads the development of the Polly loop optimization infrastructure, mentors PhD and Master students in the context of Google Summer of code projects and regularly participates to the organization of the yearly European LLVM conference. For SPCL he leads PollyLabs, an industry/research laboratory on the use of polyhedral compilation techniques in practice. For more information visit my personal website.

Tal Ben-Nun (ETH Zurich Postdoctoral Fellowship)
PhD, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, October 2016
Contact: tbennun at inf.ethz.ch / Office: CAB E 63


Tal is a postdoctoral researcher with SPCL at ETH Zürich. Tal received his MSc and PhD from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where he researched runtime environments for GPU-based HPC clusters and programming abstractions for massively parallel architectures. His research interests include parallel and distributed programming models, massively parallel architectures, operating systems and nonlinear optimization.

Scientific Staff

Timo Schneider
M.S., Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany, 2011
Contact: timos at inf.ethz.ch / Office: CAB E 64.2


Timo received his Diplom (german equivalent of Master of Science) from the Chemnitz University of Technology. His main research topic is communication within high-performance computing, in particular hardware offload for collective communication. He has won the SC08 Cluster Challenge, as well as the best paper award at SC10 (together with Torsten Hoefler).

Within the SPCL lab he is also responsible for some administrative tasks, such as IT infrastructure and seating assignments.

Ph.D. Students

Maciej Besta (Google Fellowship for Parallel Computing)
M.S., AGH University of Science and Technology, Cracow, Poland, 2012
Contact: maciej.besta at inf.ethz.ch / Office: CAB E 66


Maciej received his MSc (summa cum laude) from AGH-UST in Cracow, Poland. His main research topics are high-performance network topologies, parallel programming, and graph computations. From 2009 to 2012 he was involved in research at CERN, Geneva (development of visualization systems in the TOTEM Experiment and database systems in the Engineering Department). He won, among others, the competition for the Best Student of Poland (2012), the first Google Fellowship in Parallel Computing (2013), and the ACM/IEEE-CS George Michael Fellowship (2015). He received the best paper award at ACM/IEEE Supercomputing 2013 (together with Robert Gerstenberger and Torsten Hoefler), best student paper award at ACM/IEEE Supercomputing 2014, best paper award at ACM HPDC'15, best paper award at HPDC'16, and holds two further best [student] paper nominations: at ACM HPDC'14 and SC13. More detailed information and CV: [ personal site ].

Bogdan Prisacari (external Ph.D. student at IBM Research)
M.S., École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland, 2011
Contact: bogdanp at student.ethz.ch / Office: CAB E 64.2 (1 day/week)


Bogdan is an external Ph.D. student at SPCL. He works at IBM Research Zurich (in Rüschlikon) in Cyriel Minkenberg's group and his Ph.D. work is supervised by T. Hoefler. He received the award for the second best master score from the Société suisse d'informatique.

Tobias Gysi
M.Sc., Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, Switzerland, 2005
Contact: tobias.gysi at inf.ethz.ch / Office: CAB E 64.2


Tobias received his MSc in computer science from ETH Zurich in 2005. He then joined an R&D service provider where he worked on feasibility studies and application development covering topics such as cryptography, machine learning, or computational physics. Today, his research focuses on domain specific abstractions and programming models for performance portable code development in high-performance computing.

Salvatore Di Girolamo
M.S., Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna and Università di Pisa, Italy, 2014
Contact: salvatore.digirolamo at inf.ethz.ch / Office: CAB E 66


Salvatore holds an MSc in Computer Science and Networking (summa cum laude) from University of Pisa and Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Italy. His research interests include high-performance networking and communication offload for next-generation networks and RMA programming. He has won the best student paper award at HOTI'15.

Grzegorz Kwasniewski
M.S., AGH University of Science and Technology, Cracow, Poland, 2013
Contact: grzegorz.kwasniewski at inf.ethz.ch / Office: CAB E 64.2


Grzegorz received his Master of Science from the AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow, Poland. His main research topic is analysis of complexity and time evaluation of highly-parallelizable programs as part of a high-performance computing. He has won an academic session of scientific associations two times with his work on data mining systems.

Konstantin Taranov
M.S., Lappeenranta University of Technology, Lappeenranta, Finland, 2015
Contact: konstantin.taranov at inf.ethz.ch / Office: CAB F 72


Konstantin holds a Master of Science (summa cum laude) in Technomathematics and Computational Engineering from Lappeenranta University of Technology in Finland. He has also obtained a second Master's degree (summa cum laude) in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science from Southern Federal University in Russia. Currently, his main research topic is on fault resiliency of distributed systems and RDMA networks.

Alexandr Nigay
M.S., The University of Edinburgh, 2016
Contact: alexandr.nigay at inf.ethz.ch / Office: CAB E 66


Alexandr has received an MSc (with Distinction) in High Performance Computing from the University of Edinburgh. Prior to that, he had obtained a Master's Degree in Computer Systems and Software Engineering from the International IT University, Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Johannes de Fine Licht
M.S., University of Copenhagen, Denmark, 2016
Contact: johannes.definelicht at inf.ethz.ch / Office: CAB E 77.2


Johannes holds a Master in Computer Science and a Bachelor in Physics from the University of Copenhagen. During his studies he spent one year at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland, working in computational particle physics, as well as three months as a technical intern at Xilinx in Dublin, Ireland. His current research topics are in high throughput computing on FPGAs.

Alexandros Nikolaos Ziogas
M.Sc., National Technical University of Athens, Greece, 2016
Contact: alexandros.ziogas at inf.ethz.ch / Office: CAB E 61.3


Alexandros holds a Diploma/M.Sc. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens, Greece. His research interests lie in parallel and distributed computing, optimization and machine learning.

Marcin Copik
M.S., RWTH Aachen, Germany, 2017
Contact: marcin.copik at inf.ethz.ch / Office: CAB E 66


Marcin holds a Master in Simulation Sciences from RWTH Aachen and a Bachelor in Computer Science from the Silesian University of Technology in Poland. During his studies he interned at the Louisiana State University, USA, working on heterogeneous programming in HPX. His research interests include high-performance computing, parallel algorithms, and heterogeneous computing.

Niels Gleinig
ETH Zurich, Switzerland, 2017
Contact: niels.gleinig at inf.ethz.ch / Office: CAB E 66


Niels received his masters degree in mathematics from ETH Zurich. His main research interests are IO-complexity, pebble games and sorting networks.


Theodoros Theodoridis

Contact: theodoros.theodoridis at inf.ethz.ch / Office: CAB E 66


Theodoros holds a Master in Computer Science from the ETH Zurich and a Bachelor in Computer Science from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. His research interests are in applications of machine learning to optimizing compilers. Theo is supported by a Facebook grant.


Jingwei Sun
B.S., University of Science and Technology of China, 2014
Contact: jingwei.sun at inf.ethz.ch / Office: CAB E 66


Jingwei is a PhD student at University of Science and Technology of China (USTC). He received his Bachelor of Computer Science from USTC. His research interests focus on parallel computing, performance modeling and optimization.

Current Master/Bachelor Students

Melanie Hüsser
Master ETH
Working Title: Automatic Code Generation for Distributed Memory Machines
Conradin Roffler
Bachelor ETH
Working Title: Influence of High Bandwidth Memory on memory optimization for GPU's in High Performance Computing
Maximilian Falkenstein
Bachelor ETH
Working Title: Bitwidth computation for Polly
Tobias Wicky
Bachelor ETH
Working Title: Communication-Avoiding Parallel Algorithms for Solving Triangular Systems of Linear Equations
Marcel Schneider
Master ETH
Working Title: Routing for Low-Diameter Network Topologies
Krzysztof Nawara
Master AGH-UST
Working Title: Machine Learning for Graph Computations
Pascal Blöchlinger
Bachelor ETH
Working Title: Accelerating Graph Computations with Algebraic Representations
Severin Kistler
Bachelor ETH
Working Title: Accelerating Graph Processing with Novel NIC Extensions
Jonas Gude
Bachelor ETH
Working Title: Hardware Extensions for Novel Graph Representations
Thomas Leu
Bachelor ETH
Working Title: Vectorizable Graph Representations

SPCL Alumni

Left SPCL as Faculty
  • Jagpreet Singh - Visiting Scientist (Swiss Government Excellence Fellow) (2016-2017)
    From: IIT Ropar
    Left to: IIT Allahabad
  • Edgar Solomonik - Postdoc (2014-2016)
    From: University of California Berkeley
    Left to: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Assistant Professor)
  • Pierre Jolivet - Postdoc (2015)
    From: Université de Grenoble
    Left to: CNRS
Left SPCL to Academia
  • Yuanchao Xu - Visiting Student (2017)
    From: Tsinguhua University
    Left to: Tsinguhua University (PhD student)
  • Yosuke Oyama - Visiting Student (2017)
    From: Tokyo Institute of Technology
    Left to: Tokyo Institute of Technology (PhD Student)
  • Johannes Doerfert - Visiting Scientist (HiPEAC fellowship) (2016)
    From: Saarland University
    Left to: Saarland University (PhD Student)
  • Flavio Vella - Visiting Scientist (2016)
    From: Sapienza, University of Rome
    Left to: Sapienza, University of Rome
  • Giuseppe Portaluri - Visiting Scientist (HiPEAC fellowship) (2015)
    From: University of Pisa
    Left to: University of Pisa (Ph.D. student)
  • Robert Khasavov - Student Intern (2014-2015)
    From: Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
    Left to: TU Dresden (Ph.D. student)
  • Arnamoy Bhattacharyya - Student (2013-2015)
    From: University of Alberta
    Left to: University of Toronto (Ph.D. student)
  • Marius Poke - Student Intern (2014-2015)
    From: RWTH Aachen
    Left to: University of Stuttgart/HLRS (Ph.D. student)
  • Dmitry Moor - Student Intern (2013-2014)
    From: Baumann University, Moscow
    Left to: University of Zurich (Ph.D. student)
  • Sabela Ramos Garea - Visiting Scientist (HiPEAC fellowship) (2012-2013)
    From: University of Coruna
    Left to: University of Coruna (Ph.D. student)
  • Robert Gerstenberger - Visiting Student (2013)
    From: Chemnitz University of Technology
    Left to: Chemnitz University of Technology (M.Sc. student)
Left SPCL to Industry
  • Andrea Bignoli - Ph.D. Student (2017)
    From: Politecnico di Milano
    Left to: -
  • Andrea Arteaga - Ph.D. Student (CSCS) (2015)
    From: ETH
    Left to: Nozomi Networks
  • Sabela Ramos Garea - Postdoc (2015-2016)
    From: University of Coruna
    Left to: Google
  • Roberto Belli - Visiting Student (2014-2015)
    From: Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna
    Left to: Credit Suisse

Completed Master/Bachelor Theses
Severin Kistler
Accelerating Graph Processing with Novel NIC Extensions
Bachelor ETH, 2017
Left to: -
Elias Stalder
LogGOPSim2 Evaluation
Bachelor ETH, 2017
Left to: -
Pirmin Schmid
Scientific Simulations Analysis and Benchmarking
Bachelor ETH, 2017
Left to: Master ETH
Pavel Kalvoda
Representation-Centric Graph Processing
Master ETH, 2016-2017
Left to: -
Dimitri Stanojevic
Storage-Efficient Graph Representations
Bachelor ETH, 2016-2017
Left to: -
Tijana Zivic
Condensing Representations for Massive Graphs
Master ETH, 2016-2017
Left to: -
Florian Marending
High-Performance BFS Graph Traversals with SIMD-Aware Representations
Bachelor ETH, 2016
Left to: -
Maurice Horold
Accelerating Breadth-First Search with Spatial Locality and Prefetching
Bachelor ETH, 2016
Left to: -
David Schmidig
Accelerating Graph Computations with Algebraic Representations
Bachelor ETH, 2016
Left to: -
Michal Podstawski
To Push or To Pull: On Reducing Communication and Synchronization in Graph Computations
Bachelor Katowice Institute of Technology, Poland, 2015-2017
Left to: -
Lukas Kuster
dCUDA: GPU Cluster Programming using IB Verbs
Master ETH, 2016-2017
Left to: -
Johannes de Fine Licht
HLS Optimization Using the Roofline Model
Master University of Copenhagen/ETH, 2016
Left to: SPCL
Pfenninger Jonas
Large-Scale Offload Enabled HPC Networks Simulation
Bachelor ETH, 2016
Left to: Master ETH
Baranidharan Mohan
Two Dimensional Concurrent Start for Scalable Parallelism
Master ETH - Semester Project, 2016
Left to: -
Sandro Sgier
Parallel STL
Master ETH, 2015
Left to: Goldman Sachs
Patrick Schmid
High-Performance Distributed RMA Locks
Bachelor ETH, 2015
Left to: iEffects
Jeremia Baer
GPU Remote Memory Access Programming
Master ETH, 2015
Left to: -
Erik Henriksson
Novel Routing Schemes for Low-Diameter Network Topologies
Master Lund University, 2014-2015
Left to: Google Zurich
Hermann Schweizer
Evaluating the Cost of Atomic Operations on Modern Architectures
Bachelor ETH, 2013-2015
Andrea Arteaga
Case Studies on Bit-Reproducibility and Portability of High-Performance Applications
Master ETH (RW/CSE), 2013-2014
Left to: MeteoSwiss/ETH Zurich (Ph.D. Student)