Active Projects

1. High-Bandwidth InfiniBand Routing

The Single Source Shortest Path (SSSP) Routing algorithm is currently among the best routing algorithms for InfiniBand networks. As opposed to MINHOP (distance-vector routing), it aims to balance the load among all shortest paths in the network. DFSSSP is the deadlock-free version that uses virtual lanes to break cyclic channel dependencies in the network.

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2. High-Performance Network Topologies

Network topologies are an essential part of a scalable interconnect. It is most important to develop low-latency and high-bandwidth topologies.

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Inactive Projects

1. Oblivious Routing Congestion Simulation

The ORCS Simulator can be used to simulate the effective bisection bandwidth of statically router network topologies. It is designed to primarily work with InfiniBand networks but it can be used for every statically routed topology.

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2. [outdated] A fast Ethernet Communication Path

This project has been discontinued and only remains here for archival purposes.

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